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At Jackson Injury Firm, our experienced Atlanta Inadequate/Negligent Security attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to clients who have been injured due to the negligence of property owners. We understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be for victims of Negligent Security and their families. That is why we are dedicated to fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients so that they can receive the compensation they deserve. Our team has years of experience providing personalized attention and skilled representation in a variety of Negligent Security cases. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of another’s failure to take on someone else’s property, let our highly skilled attorneys at Jackson Injury Firm help get you the compensation and justice that you deserve.

What To Know About Negligent Security Cases In The State Of Georgia

Violent criminal attacks are on the rise and the effects have an impact on us all. Business owners have an obligation to ensure their property is safe for the public to visit. This includes having proper security measures such as providing substantial lightning, better or additional locks, hiring a security guard, having working security cameras that are being constantly monitored, alarms, controlled parking lot access, and/or erecting gates or fences. But what is enough security? That depends on the location of the property, what it’s being used for, and the amount of known crime in the neighborhood. An owner of a commercial property such as an apartment complex, hotel, motel, retail store, bar, restaurant, movie theatre, or shopping mall is responsible for making sure that visitors are protected from the threat of violence. If a business owner fails to provide adequate security and an individual is injured, robbed, shot, assaulted, or killed, the property owner can be held liable for the Injuries and damages that result from the business owner’s failure to utilize adequate security measures. To be successful in bringing a Negligent Security case, evidence of the following must be proven:

  1. You were legally on the property at the time of the incident
  2. The crime was reasonably foreseeable and the owner was negligent in preventing it
  3. The damages you suffered were caused by the inadequate security of the property owner. Losses can include medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering

Commercial property owners aren’t always liable for assaults or injuries that occur on their property. To prevail on a negligent security case, you must be able to show that the crime was foreseeable to the property owner and that no security measures were utilized to prevent the foreseeable crime from occurring. Proving that the crime was foreseeable is crucial to the success of a negligent security claim. It is important to seek a skilled negligent security attorney to properly investigate, track down, and locate witnesses, collect valuable evidence, and obtain the crime grid for the surrounding areas to prove there has been a pattern of assaults or injuries on the property or if similar crimes have occurred in the past.

Negligent security claims in Georgia can be challenging but often result in successful compensation for those who have suffered harm due to a lack of responsible safety measures within a business’s property.

How An Experienced Negligent Security Attorney Can Help

Hiring a qualified attorney who specializes in negligent security cases can make all the difference in ensuring that you get fair compensation for your injuries. An experienced negligent security attorney will be able to assess your case and determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the responsible entities/businesses and the business owners. We will also investigate and speak with any potential witnesses, and obtain any pertinent evidence that may prove beneficial in building your case against the property owner. Additionally, an experienced attorney will be familiar with any applicable laws or statutes related to negligent security cases so they can build a strong argument on your behalf.

Our experienced negligent security attorneys will be able to identify all potential sources of liability insurance coverage in order to maximize your chances of getting a successful outcome for your case. We will also negotiate with insurance companies and other parties involved in order to secure appropriate compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Furthermore, they can advise you on any legal actions you should take if needed such as filing complaints with regulatory bodies or taking criminal action against those responsible for causing your injury through negligence or carelessness.

Injuries caused by negligent security can be traumatic and life-altering events that no one should have to experience alone or without legal help. If you or someone close has suffered due to negligent security then it’s important that you seek out advice from an experienced lawyer who specializes in these types of cases so that you receive justice for your injuries. By doing so not only will you get the help needed but it will also send a clear message that property owners must take appropriate steps in order to safeguard their customers from harm at all times – regardless of cost or inconvenience involved – because everyone deserves protection from preventable harm or danger when going about their daily lives.


Negligent Security FAQs

Negligent security occurs when a property owner fails to take the proper steps to ensure that their premises are safe for visitors, resulting in an increased risk of injury or harm for those present on their premises with adequate security measures. Negligent security takes many forms, such as broken locks, inadequate lighting, obstructions that impede clear views, locked doors during open hours, failure to adequately monitor surveillance systems, failing to install adequate lighting, not having working locks and alarm systems, not providing proper security staff, or other oversights that put people at risk.
Any property owner or manager can be held responsible if their negligence results in an injury. This includes residential dwellings, businesses, and public areas such as parks or parking lots, apartment complexes, gas stations, or any commercial business or residential property.
Negligent security leaves people vulnerable to a variety of risks. Inadequate lighting, for example, might make it more difficult to identify potential hazards or attackers. Unlocked doors and windows can allow people to enter premises without permission. Poorly trained security staff may fail to properly monitor the area or respond quickly in an emergency situation.
Victims of negligent security can receive compensatory damages for their losses. This may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the property owner for their negligence
Property owners and managers should take all necessary steps to provide a safe environment for others. This includes properly maintaining lighting, locks, and alarm systems; hiring qualified security staff; and ensuring that security protocols are being followed. Doing these things may help reduce the risk of liability and prevent these negligent security incidents from occurring.
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