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Recovered more than $41 million for our clients in the last 8 years.

Jackson Injury Firm’s lawyers are top-rated dog bite injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge of the laws that govern dog bite cases. They can help you determine how to proceed when an unfortunate accident occurs. We fully dedicate ourselves and our resources to help you fight for a fair and just settlement.

If you reside in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been the victim of a dog bite, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. Jackson Injury Firm can help you fight for justice and ensure that the dog owner is held accountable. Our dog bite attorneys specialize in representing victims of dog bites in the state of Georgia and are well-versed in all applicable state and local laws. With years of experience handling dog bite cases, our attorneys will work diligently to get you the maximum compensation available under the law.

Our Experienced Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

We understand how difficult it can be after a dog attack, which is why we strive to make sure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and any lost wages due to time missed from work as a result of your injury. Here’s what our attorneys can do for you:

  • Dedicated legal team that is committed to ensuring dog owners are held accountable when their pet causes injury or death
  • Knowledgeable in all relevant laws that apply to motorcycle accidents
  • Compassionate counsel and representation for dog attack victims
  • Maximum compensation available under the law
 If you are suffering from an injury caused by a dog attack, give us a call. We offer a free consultation. That’s right, our initial case evaluations are free. We will discuss your situation, and help you make decisions.

Key Steps to Follow After a Dog Bite

If you have been the victim of a dog bite in Atlanta, it is important to understand and act on your legal rights. Our team can help you pursue a claim for damages due to harm caused by the dog. To ensure that your claim is successful, there are certain items that need to be provided. y after a motorcycle accident occurs. Proving liability includes proving negligence, and the strength of your case will be based on the amount of evidence you have pertaining to liability. Our attorneys will help establish the defendant breached their duty to be a safe and competent driver. Some of the most common breaches are:

  1. Establishing Liability & Ownership In order to establish liability in a dog bite case you must either prove that (1) the dog owner was in violation of a leash law ordinance at the time of the bite or (2) the dog had vicious propensities, the owner knew or should have known of those propensities, and that the injured person had no such knowledge. The first step in establishing liability is to obtain the animal control report. The report may have witnesses listed. If there are any witnesses listed, call and interview all of the witnesses and get their statement and contact information. Next, talk to neighbors and see if they have ever had problems or know of any prior aggressive incidents involving the same dog. Always go to the scene to photograph and document where the attack occurred and always photograph your client’s injuries.
  2. Seek medical attention right away. Dog bites can result in serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Document any physical damage for your dog bite attorneys in Atlanta if you decide to pursue legal action later on.
  3. Contact an animal control department or police department to report the dog bite incident and obtain a copy of the dog bite incident report from them. This document will help your dog bite attorneys understand all aspects of the dog bite incident and assist them with building a strong case against the dog’s owner or handlers.
  4. Take photographs of the dog bite injury and any other relevant evidence to your dog bite case, such as where the dog attack took place or images of the dog that caused the injury. Pictures speak a thousand words, and it is very important to document and take pictures of all visible injuries, including cuts, lacerations, swelling, bruising, bite marks, and scarring.

Dog Bite Injury FAQs

The process for hiring a dog bite lawyer in Georgia involves contacting the lawyer for a consultation, discussing the details of the case, and deciding whether to retain the lawyer to represent you.
A dog bite lawyer can assist with insurance claims by negotiating with the insurance company to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for your injuries and damages. They can also help with filing a claim, gathering evidence, and representing you in court if necessary.
The statute of limitations for filing a dog bite claim in Georgia is two years from the date of the bite.
The role of a dog bite lawyer in a lawsuit is to represent their client in court and advocate on their behalf. This may involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, negotiating settlements, and presenting the case in court.
During a consultation with a dog bite lawyer, you can expect to discuss the details of your case, including the circumstances of the bite, your injuries and damages, and any relevant evidence. The lawyer will also ask about your goals and what you hope to achieve through the legal process.
A dog bite lawyer handles negotiations with the insurance company by advocating for their client’s rights and interests. This may involve negotiating the settlement amount, explaining the value of the case, and representing the client in court if necessary.
Some dog bite lawyers in Georgia may charge upfront fees, while others may work on a contingency basis. A contingency fee means that the lawyer only gets paid if you win the case, and the fee is typically a percentage of the settlement amount.
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